Movie: Dhoni

Cast: Prakash Raj, Akash, Sri Teja

Prakash Raj, lauded as one of India's most versatile actors, has forayed into direction with “Dhoni”. The movie criticises the present education system and will make parents think twice before they scold their children for not doing well in their exams.


Subramaniam (Prakash Raj) strives hard to bring up his son Karthik (Akash) and daughter Kaveri (Sri Teja) after his wife's death. His main objective is to provide quality education to the children and get his son to do an MBA. He not only works hard in a Government office, but also sells pickles to earn extra money.

But Karthik, a Std IX student, aspires to become a cricketer like Dhoni and struggles to pass his exams. They are at loggerheads and a freak accident puts Karthik's life at stake. Will Karthik get another chance to chase his passion? The climax answers this question.


Prakash Raj, needless to say, is outstanding. The scenes where he expresses his pain and anger show his mettle as an actor. Akash is a great find. He acts naturally and emotes really well. Sri Teja does a fine job too. Radhika as a neighbour, Nassar as coach and Brahmanandam are impressive too.

Ilayaraja's music is very soothing and makes a thumping mark. The songs gel well with the movie and it is heartening to listen to meaningful lyrics. Guhan's cinematography gives an aesthetic feel and Kishore Te's editing is just perfect. There is basic goodness in every character and this is reflected in the powerful dialogues.

Prakash Raj has taken a very common subject and woven it into a heartwarming film. Direction seems to be an enjoyable additional role to him and he has pulled it off in style.

Bottomline: “Dhoni” is a straight hit against the current education system. The film will be an eye opener for many and will make the parents and teachers look beyond exams and marks.

SAI SHYAM G., 22 years, Software Engineer