Working in the gym and controlling fat has worked well for actor Arshad Warsi, seen this week in “Mr. Joe B. Carvalho”

Arshad Warsi knows exactly what he has to do when he wants to get the perfect shape. And why does he not strive for a 10 on 10 look? Dancing means happiness to the actor, who has helped choreograph a song in his latest film Mr. Joe B. Carvalho, released this Friday.

“Dancing by far has been the most beautiful form of being fit. It not only enhances you physically, it enriches you mentally. It’s like you spread your wings out and fly high and get a wonderful feeling.” However, he also mentions certain drawbacks of rigorous dancing. He believes, “Dancers have a different body. We do aerobics, dancing, moving and sweating for approximately eight hours. So, as long as you’re doing that you’re fine. The problem starts when you stop. Because then your body gets used to long hours of rigorous workout. This is why you see most of the dancers put on a lot of weight as they get old. But once a dancer, always a dancer. So, one should in a small, big, little way continue.”

Though not fussy about food, to get fit for a role, he adapts himself accordingly. He starts his routine by eating small portions of low fat food every two hours. To increase his metabolism, he cycles every morning for an hour-and-a-half and works on the treadmill for 30 to 40 minutes. He states that superficial fitness is not healthy at all, which a lot of Bollywood actors hanker after. They are concentrating more on body and looks, forgetting the main aspect of acting, which should be the priority. “There are many facets to fitness. Actors like Sunny Deol, Suniel Shetty and Akshay Kumar are an ideal combination of strength building and bodybuilding. These guys are not just body builders but strong men.”

The actor also condemns the use of supplements and steroids to look good. Asked about his diet plans, he says there isn’t any fixed formula, but a regular supply of egg whites, chicken breast, steamed fish, green veggies helps him keep his weight in check.


Mr. Joe B. Carvalho: Plot gone awryJanuary 4, 2014