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Updated: May 7, 2011 18:26 IST

Cool Ms. Chopra

  • Jigar Shah
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Actor Priyanka Chopra
Actor Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra takes questions on films reflecting reality, the youth today, her choice of roles, Dostana 2 and more

Beauty queen to one of the most-sought-after actors in tinseltown today. An eventful journey with hits and misses, Priyanka Chopra has always been game for experiments — think Dostana, Fashion, Kaminey, What's Your Rashee? and Saath Khoon Maaf. In a candid chat she talks about the choice of her roles, how far she'll go for a script, society, women in the industry, and more…

Do you think today's youth have become vocal about their needs? And that, this is evident in the characters you and others portray in films?

Youth today have become brash in singling out what they like, but I see nothing wrong with that. The earlier generation too had their desires, but hid them. As for the projection of Indian heroines, it has changed over the years. Now they can talk for themselves.

Is the portrayal of today's youth in films exaggerated?

They are a reflection of society, but at the end of the day cinema is also a work of fiction.

What will you never do in a film?

What I'm not comfortable with. I should be able to sit with my family and watch what I have done. It may be labelled bold or raunchy, but it's okay if it's shot aesthetically. For instance, Saat Khoon Maaf was aesthetically done. How much leg or back I will show is determined by the film.

If you had to kiss a girl on screen, would you?

I have enough problems kissing the guys (laughs). A girl? Maybe, if I really want to be part of the script. She has to be hot; that's a pre-requisite. For now, I'm not in the mood to kiss anyone. When people tell you they look up to you, what you do becomes an added responsibility.

Abhishek confirmed there are going to be two heroines in Dostana 2. Are you the second heroine?

At the end of Dostana, it was shown that I was going with Bobby, and there is a suggestion of marriage, so my story ends there. Unless Bobby's character dies or we get divorced, there is no chance of my coming back. But then, if there's death or divorce, the film will not be a romantic comedy anymore.

In a poll done by a matrimonial site, you lost out to Katrina Kaif in the race for the actor who can get married to Prince William.

I think they make a nice pair. He's not my type; I like Indian men.

Are films such as Love Sex Aur Dhoka and Dev D here to stay?

Good films are here to stay. Devdas became Dev D, and became much cooler. Dev D was palpable, not overdramatised and oversensitive.

Don't you want to try your hand at Hollywood?

I'm doing great where I'm right now. When an Indian actor is cast in a Hollywood film, I don't know why they are asked to speak with a pronounced desi (their idea of it!) accent.

In Fashion you played Megha, a no-holds-barred girl. Is that the way you perceive girls in cities today?

We live in a very ambitious world. Megha fell in love with a married man, and got caught in a rut. I have been asked for my opinion on sexual favours. It is a tough (professional) world out there, but I think if you are good at your job, you will eventually succeed.

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