If Rowdy Rathore was Akshay Kumar’s Dabanng, Boss is his encore... Dabbang 2. Or Rowdy Rathore 2. Which is to say it is Khiladi 22! You get the picture. Another Akshay Kumar action film.

Think acrobatics, crass jokes, cheesy punchlines, men ripping off their own shirts and fighting each other in slow motion, villains thoroughly incapable of outsmarting the hero or employing guns at him, Babuji sentiment, Bhai love, Sonakshi Sinha (because she is not just the mascot, but the cliché of the genre these days)...

It is evident that the only thing Akshay needs these days are new titles because he can do the same film again and again, even in his sleep. Just so that they are not accused of any such thing, the makers would like us to believe that this is an official remake of a Malayalam film Pokkiri Raja (Because the rights to Malayalam films are much cheaper than Tamil or Telugu ones).

While it is loosely based on the same plot, the premise is just an excuse to package Akshay Kumar as Akshan Kumar... Or ‘Action’ Kumar as stunt masters down South call themselves. Speaking of stunt masters, a stunt master from the South changed the way his name is spelt (to “ANL” Kannan) probably because this film already has too many innuendoes.

Mithun Chakraborty plays some sort of a superhero yet to figure out his superpower.

Many years ago: He gently pushes a boy into a room along with his son because they have been fighting. The boy dies and he gets his son arrested. (And it turns out that the boy was accidentally pushed into the wrong end of a cricket stump... No, this is not a dark comedy).

Present day: The evil villain rams his truck at full speed head on into a jeep and crushes the entire first row. Mithun Da who was in the front seat, wakes up in the hospital with a tiny band aid on his forehead.

Yet another tribute to the escapist entertainers of yore? Ok then, this kind of lazy filmmaking deserves to be hit. With a scale.

Genre: Action

Director: Anthony D Souza

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Mithun Chakraborty, Ronit Roy, Shiv Pandit, Aditi Rao Hydari, Danny Denzongpa

Storyline: The disowned rowdy son of a non-violent teacher returns home to save his brother from a corrupt cop and minister

Bottomline: Rowdy Rathore Part 2