Meet Ajaay, hero and co-producer of the upcoming psychological thriller, Adhiyum Andhamum

The end is just the beginning, says the tagline for Tamil film, Adhiyum Andhamum. But, for its hero (and co-producer) Ajaay, this is just the beginning of a journey he boldly embarked on four years ago when he launched his production house, N K Kraft Pvt Ltd. “I made my acting debut in 1993, thanks to director Priyadarshan who cast me as Jackie Shroff’s brother in the Hindi film, Gardish. Thereafter I acted in the Tamil TV serial Agnisakshi, which proved quite successful, and landed me the negative role of Devyani’s stepbrother in Kolangal. This serial ran for almost five and a half years and people began referring to me as Adhi, the character I played in Kolangal; I was worried about being typecast.” That’s when Ajaay decided that enough was enough and planned his moves in K-Town. “I was keen on a makeover and, having formed my production company, I started scouting for good scripts and directors. That’s when Koushik came up with a unique script which is now on the verge of being released as Adhiyum Andhamum.”

Ajaay plays the lead with Mitali Agarwal opposite him. Adhiyum Andhamum is a psychological thriller and, according to Ajaay, leads the audience in a particular direction till the interval after which the screenplay takes a completely different turn, something one would have never imagined. As for his character, “It begins with shades of grey, but the surprise is in the second half.”

Ajaay did go through financial troubles which delayed the project for some time, till a saviour came in the form of RSR Screenz to resurrect it. “Now that the film is ready, we are all heaving a sigh of relief and awaiting an ideal date for release. My confidence level is very high not just because I have co-produced it or acted in it. The subject is unique and Koushik’s screenplay and direction have taken the film to unexpected heights. For me, it is a new beginning,” smiles Ajaay.