Prabalika M. Borah goes on a customary walk to the old city in this month of Ramzan to get the real feel of the festive spirit

Nobody minds the jostling, nor is anyone apologetic about the continuous pushing. Everyone is out on a mission and nothing seems to dampen their spirits. Call it the shopping frenzy or festive spirit, it is evident right from the time one gets on the Nayapul bridge. The carts selling all kinds of dates and fruits dot the side walk of Nayapul. Drive further in and the shoe shops on the right just before Madina are over-flowing with stock.

Footwear in colours like pink, blue and red are prominently displayed on the shelves which faces the street. On to the left side of the road are rows of carts selling baniyan and cotton jubbas (plain kurta, pyjama).

Beyond Madina towards Charminar, entry of autorickshaws and slow-moving vehicles is prohibited. This is where the real excitement begins.

There is no uniformity in the types of wares the carts are selling on the streets and irrespective of what is being sold, each cart is a crowd puller. Even the one which sells low quality stainless steel utensils is up for grabs. The market scene is mostly dominated by women shoppers and even when winter is months away, there are shoppers buying mink blankets as well. Blame the festive sale bargains and the far-sightedness of home makers that even bed covers are being lapped up. Abdul a cushion seller on the road says, “The house must look good during Eid when guests visit you, go ahead buy two bolsters,” he suggests.

With Eid just a few days away how can one not think about bangles and clothes for the festive spirit. One can find traditional dresses in ombre being hung from the shops, keeping the colour trend in mind, the anarkalis are just too tempting. Parallel to these are similar garments meant mostly for children, which are being sold like hot cakes. The colour combinations might sound not too practical but that’s what ombre is all about. Infusing contrast colours. Treat to the eye for sure. Keep walking and you’ll come across the surma wala, the artificial gold jewellery sellers and amongst these there are random middle men wanting to buy dollars from any country, including New Zealand.

Also doing brisk business during this season are sugarcane juice vendors. Shoppers find them just too apt to quench their thirst after all the bargaining and walking in the evening heat.

However, shopping during this season is not all about festive clothes. A lot of clothes for everyday use are also brought out for sale. Printed harem pants in synthetic chiffon for the perfect look, women’s nighties and leggings in bright colours, everything is on display and doing brisk business as well.

For a better feel of what light shimmers can do, walk into Laad bazaar and get a first hand experience of being bedazzled.