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The Nxt.step 2014

The second edition of The Nxt Step, a comprehensive career guidance handbook by The Hindu Education Plus aims to steer the student community in making an informed career choice. The book attempts to provide students the much needed direction and also necessary and relevant information on various courses available and throws light on different career paths.

The Nxt step is a comprehensive guide/handbook that caters to students who are in the higher secondary and those who have just cleared the Plus Two examination. The book consists 37 articles written by experts. All the articles fall under the following sections: Roadmap, Engineering dreams, Pure Sciences, Healing touch, Legal Advice, Communication, Social Science, Money Talk, The Managers and Mixed bag.

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Plan out the next step

The board exam is the culmination of school education. Yet, it is only the beginning of a long road for those who want to study further. The choices you make at this stage markedly influence and shape your career. To help you make an informed choice, The Hindu Education Plus presents "The Nxt Step," a comprehensive guide to higher education.

"The Nxt Step," is a compilation of 37 articles written by experts from various fields. The articles in this volume describe a wide range of careers and courses. Apart from descriptions of different courses in Engineering and Medicine, the book also offers snapshots of fields such as Fashion Technology, Legal Studies, Visual Communication and the Liberal Arts.

For those who want to go abroad for their undergraduate education, Pushpa Krishnaswamy?s article, "An affordable U.S. degree," gives an idea of how best to go about it. If nursing is your passion, read about the career in ?Hands that heal," by Dr Ani Grace Kalaimathi. Not just these two fields, there are articles about a wide range of careers and what you can study to establish yourselves. These include ?Creative eye? by Dr Uma Vangal, on film studies; "A degree in commerce," by Dr Shyamala Muthusubramanian; "The professional HR," by Vidhya Srinivasan.

Some of you may already have an aim to go for higher studies in a definite area. For students in this category, there are experts describing what it is like to live out these careers. For example, Dr J.S.Rajkumar writes about being a doctor and a surgeon in "Ask the doc." For those keen on mathematics and wondering what it is like to do research in math, Dr R. Ramanujam writes of the leap into the world of math in "Math: the halfway leap."

A whole section on the Performing Arts, Fashion and Design contains articles meant for those with a creative and artistic bent. Learn from V.R. Devika how to "Think performing arts."

Some useful information is shared in, "Funding your way," by Ashutosh Burnwal and "App is the way," by Vasudevan Mukunth. The latter article describes 10 apps that will be useful in planning out and organising your studies, read about them and use them to advantage.

The pages are packed with information and news you can use. We hope this book will help you in setting goals and making choices that will be critical.