The number of automobiles subject to recalls by Toyota Motor Corporation over problems with gas pedals or floor mats has reached more than 7 million worldwide, topping its global sales last year, as recalls spilled over to Europe on Saturday from North America and China.

Toyota announced the recall of up to 1.8 million units in Europe due to faulty gas pedals, receiving another blow as it attempts to return to the black after logging its first group operating loss in 71 years in fiscal 2008 to last March due to the global slump in auto sales.

Toyota has already announced the recalls of 2.3 million vehicles in the United States, 270,000 in Canada and 75,000 in China over faulty gas pedals. The latest step in Europe brings the total number of Toyota vehicles subject to recalls over faulty gas pedals to nearly 4.5 million units.

The automaker, meanwhile, is recalling some 5.55 million vehicles in the United States and Canada to reduce the risk of gas pedals getting stuck under loose floor mats and causing sudden acceleration.

The total number of vehicles subject to recalls for problems with gas pedals or floor mats totals almost 10 million. But a large proportion of the 2.57 million recalls in the United States and Canada over faulty gas pedals are believed to overlap with those for the floor mat problem.