Aimed at small and medium business (SMBs), Lenovo on Tuesday unveiled 10 new laptops and personal computers, equipped with Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Window 7, ensuring fastest boot time along with superior performance, power management and exciting features.

“Going forward, the Indian SMBs will be the growth engine of our economy. We are putting SMB at the core of our strategy and aim to play a leading role in the space. We aim to create a significant impact in the SMB market by deploying a holistic approach to market encompassing aggressive retail push, deeper channel penetration and channel engagement and introducing an exclusive product range,” Lenovo India Managing Director Amar Babu told journalists here.

Mr. Babu further said Lenovo's successful ‘Protect and Attack' global strategy had helped it to grow at twice the pace of the Indian PC market. Lenovo India has grown from an overall 7.2 per cent market share to an impressive 10 per cent within the last one year. During this period, Lenovo's SMB business has grown at more than 27 per cent, an impressive nine times the pace at which the SMB PC market grew.

To penetrate the SMB market, Lenovo plans to create a reach of close to 500 retail points over the next fiscal year, which includes 300 retail outlets and close to 200 resellers. “We are offering PCs that can withstand the vagaries of an SMB's growth journey by offering unmatched performance blended with attractive design and affordable price,” said Lenovo India Director-SMB Rajiv Rao.

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