Favours regulatory framework for providing citizen services

Infosys CEO Kris Gopalakrishnan on Friday favoured creation of a regulatory framework to tap the huge cloud computing potential for providing citizen services.

Talking to reporters after delivering a talk on ‘Growing penetration of information systems and relevance of cloud computing for inclusive growth' at the College of Defence Management here, he said the delivery of citizen services could be accelerated if there was a regulatory framework.

However, while moving to cloud computing the private security of individuals needed to be protected. He said the Confederation of Indian Industry was preparing a draft paper on the regulatory framework.

He said Infosys was just starting in the area of cloud computing and developing new models. The IT industry must take advantage of the shift towards cloud computing as there were multiple opportunities. Around 3 per cent of the revenues at Infosys were from cloud computing. Earlier delivering the talk, he said the world was at the beginning of a ‘disruptive change', which would fundamentally impact the lives of the people for the next 20 to 30 years.

Referring to Apple's recent announcement of i-cloud, he said it was seen as something as dramatic as when the browser was introduced in 1994 or the personal computer in 1981.

Describing the announcement as the beginning of the next wave of innovation and change, he said ‘we are entering into post-PC era.” In this era, PC was just one of the devices to be connected to internet.

With mobile devices, he said, the paradigm of computing was changing. Stating that cloud-computing like electricity would enable ubiquitous and innovative application of IT, he called for developing new models for taking advantage of it. Cloud ownership could be public, private, hybrid or community, he elaborated how cloud computing could be leveraged for social outreach possibilities such as healthcare delivery, community services, integrated citizen services and learning services.

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