Defiance Technologies Ltd., a product engineering and enterprise solution provider from the Hinduja Group, has set up a social media command centre dedicated exclusively for the Japanese car major Nissan.

The centre is set up to monitor, analyse data and engage with consumers on a real-time basis. “Online engagement has become the strategic tool to get closer to our customers,” said Andy Palmer, Vice-President of Nissan, at a press conference here on Thursday.

The social media centre would be useful in terms of managing the brand image in a better way, he pointed out. The centre would have a combination of state-of-the-art equipment, software tools, domain specialist and multilingual capabilities to enable the brand to influence the marketplace, Defiance said in a release.

The inputs generated from the centre would help do a quick course-correction, he pointed out.

According to V. Sumantran, Chairman of Defiance, “a social media command centre will soon become indispensable for companies to speedily address customers' stated and latent needs and for brands to manage their reputation.” To a query, Mr. Palmer said Defiance's expertise in engineering, IT and ERP space too helped Nissan structure an alliance with the company.