Hitachi Solutions America Ltd., a core member of the information and telecommunication system company of the Japan-based Hitachi Group, on Friday, announced that India would become a global delivery hub for its industry solutions.

As part of this strategy, Hitachi Solutions America has now set up an Indian subsidiary, Hitachi Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., which will support the global implementation of Hitachi’s Microsoft Dyanmics-based solutions.

“We will establish two global development centres here, one at Chennai and one in Hyderabad, which make us a viable offshore and cost- effective hub,” said Ananth Subramanian, Chief Executive Officer, Hitachi Solutions Pvt. Ltd., while addressing reporters here on Friday.

“In addition to this, we will have another centre at Pune. We will globally implement the solutions that are required by our U.S and Europe counterparts. Another objective of ours is to become a sales base that can sell into South Asia,” he added, while declining to divulge the investment that went into this strategy.

While Hitachi Solutions India has set a rough hiring target of 100-150 employees by the end of this year, it plans to hire 500 people over the next three-to-five years.

The Hyderabad facility will be the first to go on stream, in October, followed by the Chennai and Pune centres in November and December.


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