Sycamore Row: John Grisham, Rs. 350

The sequel to A Time to Kill is the thrilling story of the elusive search for justice in a small American town.

Nothing Holds Back The Night: Delphine de Vigan, Rs. 699

Remarkable work, universally recognisable and singularly heartbreaking.

The Girl From Nongrim Hills: Ankush Saikia, Rs. 299

Dark, atmospheric and gripping, it is a superb thriller and a great Shillong novel.

Undying Echoes Of Silence: T.P. Rajeevan, Rs. 450

This thrilling murder mystery is the story of Manickyam, a young girl who is married to Pokkan, an assistant to the sorcerer of the village.

Draupadi In High Heels: Aditi Kotwal, Rs. 150

Funny and romantic, this book explores the power of one’s choice and how deeply it affects life.


Sita: An Illustrated Retelling Of Ramayana: Devdutt Pattanaik, Rs. 499

Retelling of the Ramayana, drawing attention to the many oral, visual and written retellings composed in different times.

David And Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits And The Art Of Battling Giants: Malcolm Gladwell, Rs. 699

Brilliant and illuminating work that overturns conventional thinking about power and advantage.

India Aspires: Redefining Politics of Development, Nitin Gadkari

as told to Tuhin A. Sinha, Rs. 295

Gives a rare insight into the thoughts of Nitin Gadkari and spells out his agenda for the nation.

Caste In Modern India: A Reader (two-volume set): editors: Sumit Sarkar and Tanika Sarkar, Rs. 1,900

This two-volume anthology picks out some of the best essays on the subject in order to explore specific aspects of modern caste.

The Life And Times Of Krishna: The Deity Who Lived as Man: J. Brahmanaanda Patro, Rs. 495

A reading on the historical Krishna and the the pursuit of dharma, above all else.

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