CHOZHAR SEPPEDUKAL: Natana Kasinathan; Sekar Padhippagam, 66, Periyar Street, MGR Nagar, Chennai-600078. Rs. 100.

In Tamil Nadu, records of Chozha kings are available in copper plates. Natana Kasinathan has published the texts of 13 sets earlier and now has brought out those of Sundara Chozha, Rajaraja I, Rajendran I, Veerarajendran and Kulotungan I.

The book, in five chapters, presents the texts of inscriptions in Tamil and the author, understandably, deals in greater detail with the latest find at Thiruindalur belonging to the period of Rajaraja-I. It mentions a number, which is found in the ring along with the seal declaring in Grantha script that “there are 86 strung in this ring.” More importantly, it notes that Vijalaya Chozha defeated the Pallavas and established the imperial line of the medieval Chozhas that lasted over two centuries. This small but valuable book is an asset to students of history.

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