Sunshine Lanes: A Poetic Journey; Prasoon Joshi, Rupa, Rs. 495.

A rare glimpse into the mind of one of the nations best loved poet-lyricists. Whether it is the tender ‘Ma’ from Taare Zameen Par, the inspirational ‘Khoon Chala’ from Rang De Basanti or the fun-filled ‘Sasural Genda Phool’ from Delhi 6, Prasoon Joshi’s songs never fail to touch a chord with audiences. A collection of some of his best songs in Devanagari, English transliteration and translation with a thought-provoking perspective on what goes into the making of a song by the lyricist, this book is a must- have for anyone who loves poetry and songs.

Understanding Cryptic Crosswords; Vivek Kumar Singh, Macmillan, Rs.175.

A crossword can appear inviting as well as daunting. Many of us, even though fully equipped to face the challenge of solving a cryptic crossword, turn away from it. Finally, here is a book that unlocks the secret of cracking cryptic clues in simple, easy to follow steps. It is designed to be used as a primer, a workbook, a refresher capsule and a reference book, all rolled into one, depending on the needs and skills of the user. 

Sonar Gaaon; Nilendu Sen, Fusion Books, Rs.150.

Dr. Joy could have been a film star had he not been a doctor of community medicine. Brought up by a padre among tribals known for their unfettered sexuality and simple existence, Dr. Joy is raised to be free of preconceptions of conventional morality. He arrives in Sonar Gaaon to help a union of sex workers fight the HIV virus and is molested and mauled by the very people he has come to help. Yet, as he finds help and shelter, he begins to understand the inverse morality that dictates the behaviour of Sonar Gaaon and its inhabitants. The book is an interplay of dramatic situations, a story of fierce battles between good and evil. Except, in Sonar Gaaon, it is often impossible to discern between the two.

The Book; Ram Vignesh, Frog Books, Rs.145.

The whole country loves a writer who stares at a bleak future. He plans to bid farewell with a magnum opus. An azure eyed woman once had a romantic relationship with the writer. They met; lived in each other’s pockets, desired for an everlasting life together but eventually they broke up. Now she is about to get married to someone else. A young couple leads a blissful life with their extra cute daughter. He follows his passion with his wife’s love and support. Time rolls the dice and the wrong numbers fall… someone’s simple act of curiosity gives him a shot at his dream, while ruining the other’s… And a nearly complete and unpublished book goes missing

A Lioness in Confinement and the Cuckoo’s Defence; Kumaran Asan, Trs. K. M. Ajir Kutty, University of Kerala, Rs.40.

This slim volume contains two poems of early Romanticism by Kumaran Asan: Simhaprasavam (A lioness in confinement) and Gramavikshathile Kuyil (The Cuckoo’s Defence). These poems have never been translated or published in English before. Kutty, in his translation, tries to reinterpret the original text and highlight the politics embedded in the text, while preserving the original essence of the poet’s words.

Road Humps and Sidewalks: The Path Less Travelled; Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, Jufic Books, Rs.125.

As thousands fall prey to a deadly viral infection, a team of doctors succeed in their quest for a cure. But an unscrupulous multi-national pharma company creates an artificial scarcity of the lifesaving drug. Angered by this attitude, the doctors take the fight to the court with the support of an altruistic young lawyer Arjun. The clashes involve action inside the courtroom with brilliant arguments and crafty reasoning and outside with goons and assassins gunning for lives.

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