My Encounter with IIT JEE: The Story of Preparation

Arpit Agrawal

(Arihant, Rs. 150)

For most youngsters, cracking the IIT is THE dream. And this book captures one such dreamer and his journey towards becoming an IITian.

His acumen in combating and tackling the difficult entrance exam and clearing it with flying colours and thereafter, his tough yet exciting journey as an IITian make for an interesting read.

And along the way, this book also serves as a superb guide for budding aspirants with step-by-step tips and techniques ranging from misconceptions about IIT to new patterns, time management, revision schedules, parental guidance, emotional equilibrium and many other necessary details.

With chapters such as The Electrifying Physics, The Dependable Chemistry, Mathematics: The Culprit, The New JEE Pattern, and Emotional Equilibrium & Upheaval, this is literally, an IIT dictionary, for every person aspiring to be part of the institution, one day.

Winning without Losing

Jordan Milne, Martin Bjergegaard

(Profile Books, Rs. 350)

That’s something we all dream of… win and win and never lose. And that’s what the authors show in this book. In this age of click and work, click and serve, most of us are constantly on the move, never taking a break or switching off from work. Office is just a click away via smart phones and the Internet. While we may believe that this is the price of success, it does not have to be so.

This book tells you how to build a business into something big, sustainable and widely recognised, and yet find time to do what you enjoy doing, and lead a happy, balanced life and somewhat stress-free life. In 65 short insights, the authors reveal strategies and methods which will allow you to combine professional success with personal time without losing out on efficiency, effectiveness and energy. Now, that does sound like a dream… but it’s something that can become a reality. Try it.

The Guitar and Amp Sourcebook: An Illustrated Collection of the Axes and Amps that Rocked Our World

Edited By Mike Abbott

(HarperCollins, Rs. 1199)

This book is featured in this column simply because today’s music is so technology-driven. And whether you're a pro artist or just an enthusiastic novice, this tome has something for you.

Loaded with rocking guitars and electrifying amps, there’s plenty of info on the most popular models, vintage pieces and rare beauties. This history contains the most important guitars and amps that have rocked our world and changed music history.

Illustrated with stunning and rare photographs and ample descriptions, one can find out more about the Gibson vs. Fender debate, recommendations for the best beginner equipment, and a listing of the guitars used by popular musicians.

There’s plenty for guitar fans… stories like the one where Jimi Hendrix switched his favourite Fender Stratocaster at the last minute for a lesser model before setting it on fire at the Monterey International Pop Festival in 1967 or that Rolling Stone Keith Richards is believed to have over 3,000 guitars or how Eric Clapton after playing a Fender Telecaster, a Fender Jazzmaster, a double-cutaway Gretsch 6120 and a 1964 Cherry-Red Gibson ES-335, finally became exclusively a Gibson player for a period beginning in mid-1965, when he purchased a used sunburst Gibson Les Paul guitar from a guitar store in London.

Organised chronologically, the book features details about equipment from centuries ago through today, plus details of musicians and their favourite instruments, with quotes and much else.


Between the CoversMay 22, 2013