Paper Padikkum Erumbu: Bhagyam Ramasami; Vanathi Pathippagam, 23 Deenadayalu Street, T. Nagar, Chennai-600017. Rs. 80.

This book contains 31 entertaining essays by the noted humorist Bhagyam Ramasami, pseudonym of Ja. Raa. Sundaresan. That he has reached the summit of excellence is vouched by Crazy Mohan and Kotravan in their forewords.

The title piece is an extraordinary thesis on ants. The skilful manoeuvre attributed to the small insect that lives in organised groups and participates in a whistle-stop election campaign ends with a speculation that it may be an avid reader of newspapers!

The writer's recollection of the problems he encountered in rental accommodation right from his bachelorhood is a true reflection on the stark realities of life.

A refreshing break came when the chief of the magazine he was working for, Kumudam, decided to allot comfortable living quarters to the staff who were in need.

Another notable essay is the one that narrates how a servant maid entrusted with the responsibility of caring for the child of a couple hatched a plot to bring about a reconciliation between her master and his estranged mother, who had earlier been asked to get back to the native village due to differences over bringing up the child.

Overall, the entire collection is absorbing, luminous with positive thoughts conveyed in a manner so full of wit and wisdom.

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