Muruga gives positivity

Ulaganatha Pillai wrote a set of verses, which give in simple Tamil, a list of don’ts. He says that we should not speak ill of anyone, we should never forget the love of our mothers. We should not make friends with those who are scheming. We should never harm others. At the end of each verse, Ulaganatha Pillai says that we should worship Murugan. Ulaganatha Pillai’s verses are usually taught to school children to keep them on the right path. The same sentiments are expressed in sacred literature also, except that in this case it is done at a higher level, and the verses are more philosophical in nature.

In one of the verses in Deivamani Malai, Vallalar gives a list of all the positive things that result when Murugan is worshipped, said M.A. Manickavelu in a discourse. He says that if Murugan is worshipped, then it will rain copiously. Crops will be bountiful. A person who seeks the feet of Murugan, will be blessed with intelligence and fame. He will know the correct path he has to take in life. He will have wealth, and a good paying profession. He will not lack anything. He will be blessed with a peaceful nature.

In his Vadivudai Manikka Malai, Vallalar sys that if a man worships the Goddess of the Thiruvottriyur temple, he will have a happy family life. He will have a contented life with his wife and his children. In Abirami Andadi, Abirami Bhattar elaborates on all the boons that the gracious glances of Goddess Abirami will confer on Her devotees. They will be blessed with wealth and with education. They will never be dejected. They will acquire a graceful divine beauty. They will be blessed with relatives who have no evil thoughts in their mind. In short, worship of Abirami will give a person everything that is desirable in life.

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