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Cat in the wild

Hello wildlife lover! It's time for #PhoneStoryFriday with Pratham Books. These past two weeks have been filled with adventure, excitement, alarm calls, bird song and colour. India's rich fauna is diverse and dizzying - which is why we're here to guide you through it all.

We hope you enjoyed our last two forays into the wild. We practised alarm calls with the langur and spotted deer, in Watch Out! The Tiger is Here and learned that when we listen, birds have so much to say in Did you Hear?

This week, you will need to keep your eyes peeled so that you can spot spots, stripes and more.

Wild Cat! Wild Cat!

Say big cats and immediately we think of lions and tigers. And why wouldn't we? They are graceful, beautiful creatures. But did you know that there are between 36-40 species of wild cats around the world, and that 15 of them reside in India alone? In fact, India boasts the largest diversity of wild cats compared to anywhere else on the planet.

In Wild Cat! Wild Cat we introduce you to some of the stunning cats you can find in India. The tour guide is a cat you’re sure to have seen before . Intrigued? Scan the QR code or head to find out more.

Created by wildlife and travel writer Sejal Mehta and award-winning cartoonist Rohan, Chakravarty, these books have been narrated by stand-up comic Rohan Joshi in English. They are available in English and Hindi in an audio-visual format, and in multiple languages on StoryWeaver (

To experience the story, ask your parent to download any free QR code reader onto their phone and scan the code given here and get to get to meet the wild cats.

Contest alert

Tell us your wild story and win a prize!

Share your last experience in the wild in about 250 words. Two winners will win a set of books by Rohan and Sejal.

Send your entries to with “Pratham Books”as the subject. Don’t forget to include your name, class, school, city and contact details.

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