Polar regions have lost billions of tons of ice; sea levels have been raised by trillions of gallons of water. File

Global warming cooks up ‘a different world’ over three decades

The Indian purple frog emerges from its underground burrow on just one day of the year.

Red Earth They wobble like jelly, they tap dance: Meet the unusual frogs of the Western Ghats

Vijay Bedi

The hornbill housing crisis

Janaki Lenin

Editor's Pick

Bhaskara, at the Sakrebylu camp, being moved reluctantly for a new role.

The elephant ambassadors of Karnataka

Mohit M Rao
Junglefowl eat grain near a sanctuary.

Fake calls, bait food bring birds out of the bush

Aathira Perinchery
People swim in the Arabian Sea as plastic waste is seen strewn on Juhu Chowpatty Beach, in Mumbai

Union Earth Sciences ministry to study marine litter issue: Official


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