Pakistan has finally got the recordings of speeches by its founder Mohammed Ali Jinnah it had requested for last year. Confirming this Javed Khan Jadoon, head of current affairs at Pakistan Radio, said that he had spoken to the director general, All India Radio and thanked him for this gesture of goodwill.

The two audio files were sent across by email on Tuesday and will now be stored in the archives. “It is a good addition to our collection,” Mr. Jadoon said. An editorial decision to air the speeches will be taken soon, he said. It could be done on a commemorative occasion and Jinnah’s death anniversary was coming up on September 11, he added.

The request for the speeches was made by Radio Pakistan last year, he said. AIR was also willing to give any other material requested by Radio Pakistan. It has provided the two speeches, one delivered at All India Radio in New Delhi on June 3, 1947 where Mr Jinnah gives his reaction on holding a referendum in the North West Frontier Province on its decision to join India or Pakistan. The second one was to the first constituent assembly on August 11, 1947, according to Pakistan Radio.