A full-time job with a leading multinational IT major, dance programmes, anchoring assignments… Vidhya Unni is really in the thick of things. The younger sister of actress-dancer Divya Unni, who bid adieu to tinsel town post marriage, Vidhya has acted in two films, Dr Love and 3G Third Generation. She now anchors the show, ‘Super Chef’ on Asianet Plus. Vidhya talks about her job and career in a chat with FridayReview. Excerpts:

‘Super Chef’

I have co-hosted award shows and have participated in dance programmes on television. But this is my debut as an anchor for a programme. It is a food-based programme divided into three segments. The first segment is about traditional recipes, the next one takes up international cuisine and in the final segment we introduce a hotel. There are separate presenters for each segment. I present the introduction and sum up the show with a cookery tip. It was not very comfortable initially. Being a vegetarian, it was a bit odd talking about yummy fish curry and the like. But then it is my job and I have got it right now.

The balancing act

I think I am very lucky in many ways. I’ve been working with Cognizant at Infopark in Kochi for the last two years as a programme analyst. In between I do programmes for different choreographers and troupes. My team in office understands my dance commitments. And my troupes, in turn, are accommodative when it comes to rehearsals. It is all about time management.

As an actress

When I was growing up, becoming an actress never crossed my mind. K. Biju, director of Dr Love, had worked with my sister and when he saw me he thought I would be suitable for the role in the movie. I enjoyed the phase and since I had never planned a career in films, I still cherish the experience.

Missing out on films

I like acting, I am passionate about movies and enjoy dance as well. But I am not anxious about not being flooded with offers. I am waiting for a good break. If something really good come up, I will take it up for sure.


A good movie project has come my way, but I cannot talk about it now.

(‘Super Chef’ airs on weekdays on Asianet Plus at 1 p.m.)