Visitors pose for a photograph with acid attack survivors at Sheroes Hangout.

Hanging out with the Sheroes

Sidhartha Roy
Graviky Ink produced from pollution Graviky Labs
Impact Journalism Day 2017

Inking carbon out of foul air

Jacob Koshy
Vincent Safrat realised that a book’s price goes up due to high distribution costs. Photo: Le Figaro
Impact Journalism Day 2017

Food for thought: selling books at the price of bread

Caroline de Malet
Musicians part of the Zohra Orchestra
Impact Journalism Day 2017

The Zohra Orchestra: teaching young girls to play the music of their dreams in Afghanistan

Hassan Karimi

Editor's Pick

Women attending a conference
Elbee cars open at the front to enable wheelchair uses to drive and travel with independence
A working day in life of "Rabota-i"

Putting wheelchair users behind the wheel

Jana Klímová Magdaléna Fajtová

Raising the confidence quotient

Angelina Davydova
A field cultivated by AcaciasForAll
Impact Journalism Day 2017

How the drumstick tree is fighting climate change in the Maghreb

Mohamed Salem Kechiche
Co-founders Iseult Ward and Aoibheann O'Brien
Impact Journalism Day 2017

FoodCloud ends the culture of waste

Catherine Cleary