The 13 years that shaped India-China relations | The Hindu On Books podcast

In this episode, we are joined by Nirupama Rao, author of "The Fractured Himalaya: India, Tibet, China 1949-1962". Drawing on archival research as well as her own long career as a diplomat who dealt with China for many years, including as India's Ambassador to Beijing and as Foreign Secretary, Rao's new book delves into a crucial time in India-China relations, from a honeymoon period between two new states to the downward slide in relations culminating in 1962. We speak with Rao about how those crucial 13 years shaped India's relations with China, the legacy of Nehru, and Nehru's views on China, which, it turns out, are far more complicated than most realise. We also look at how history continues to shape the present and future of India-China relations.

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Host: Ananth Krishnan, China correspondent, The Hindu

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