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Madam/sir, what future is there for planet?

Respected madam/sir,

Sivakami is 13-year-old U.S. daughter of U.S.-based daughter of Dr. Shankaramenon. Morning itself she came and said uncle can I spend few hours in the flat? Grandfather is going for clinic. I said oh my god, after decades and decades small children are coming in the house. It is a pleasure. Stay and enjoy like anything.

Do you want tea or coffee or cool drinks? She said coffee is best. Mrs. Mathrubootham came with coffee and special guest-only biscuit. Immediately, Sivakami is saying excuse me milk is there in coffee? Kamalam said yes of course, coffee without milk is like Mathrubootham without irritating behaviours. I laughed and laughed, but inside I put cyanide in Kamalam’s tea.

Sivakami is saying no, no, I am never touching milk. It is worst item. Milk is torture for cows. Never never I am taking anything from dairy industry. Kamalam said no problem, I am bringing other drink. Sivakami said thank you, Aunty. Kamalam heard word ‘Aunty’ and gave look at Sivakami as if Auto Shankar.

Then Kamalam came with Coca Cola. Sivakami face changed from Hema Malini to Nizhalgal Ravi. She said, my god uncle you are drinking this poison item? Whether you are knowing soft drink companies are destroying planet like anything? If knowledgeable peoples like you are having cool drinks means what future is there for planet?

Kamalam and myself looked at each other. This is girl or cobra?

Kamalam said little girl, do you want water? Water is allowed? Sivakami said oh thank you aunty water is the best item. But no bottled water. That is full and full plastic waste. Whether you are knowing Atlantic Ocean is full of plastic? Why you are adding to that? Why uncle, why Aunty why, why?

Kamalam said, I am going to the kitchen to break some coconuts. You please spend time with young lady. I looked at Kamalam like Siraj ud Daulah looking at Mir Jafar during Plassey incidents.

Never, never

I said Sivakami how you are enjoying Chennai? Is it better than Baltimore or no? She said Chennai is very good but too much heat is there. So I said, oh god I totally forgot. Shall I switch on AC? I am just getting up to when Sivakami is jumping like Anju Bobby George. Never, uncle, never! Then she is grabbing remote control and throwing it on sofa.

Uncle, AC means electricity, electricity means pollution, pollution means destruction. Why you are destroying the planet?

Kamalam came back with glass of Rasna. Sivakami enjoyed it. Then she said, whether you have heard of Greta Thunberg? I said, no, only Good Day biscuit is there but nearby there is imported shop, I can get. She said hahaha uncle what nonsense you are talking, let me tell you about Greta Thunberg.

Madam/ sir, next 45 minutes lecture means like Narendra Modi radio show. Sivakami is talking and talking. Then, thank you Guruvayoorappa, Dr. Shankaramenon returned from clinic. He said thank you Mathrubootham, she is very intelligent girl.

After closing door, Kamalam said, I have to go to kitchen and break some more coconut. I said please wait I also want to break. Totally we are breaking 18 coconuts.

Yours in exasperation,

J. Mathrubootham

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