92 infant deaths since 2007


The Health Department in a report to the government has said that 92 tribal infants died in Attappady Hills since 2007.

Sixty of these were neonatal, 30 infant, one toddler, and one stillbirth.

The report said that during April 2007- March 2008, 11 infants died – three infants and eight neonatal.

During April 2008- March 2009, six deaths – three each of infant and neonatal.

During April 2009-March 2010, 18 deaths – 15 neonatal and three infant deaths.

During April 2010-March 2011, eight deaths – four each of infant and neonatal deaths.

During April 2011-March 2012, four deaths – three neonatal and one infant.

During April 2012- March 2013, 34 infants died. Of this, 21 were neonatal, 12 infant and one stillbirth.

In April 2013, six deaths took place – three each of neonatal and infant.

In May, five died – three neonatal, one infant, and one toddler.

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