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Supermoon likely to bring big waves

he total lunar eclipse occurring in the early hours of Monday will be a rare one, but those living on the east coast of India will not be as lucky as those in some parts of the west coast where the eclipse will be visible.

Due to the refraction of the sun’s rays, the moon is going to appear with a red tinge to them. Astronomers are calling it the Blood Moon. It is also being called the Supermoon because the earth’s only satellite is going to be the closest to earth that day.

Though people in Andhra Pradesh may not be fortunate enough to see the Supermoon, people going to the beaches for the Ganesh immersion are likely to see rough seas due to the big moon’s extra gravitational pull. With the moon pulling on one side and the sun diagonally opposite, tidal waves are going to rise higher than usual. The tides is going to be particular high on Monday morning and those going to the beaches for a swim or taking a dip after immersing the Ganesh statues should be particularly cautious of sudden and huge waves. According to the Planetary Society of India (PSI), those on the east coast will see a Supermoon from 5.40 a.m.

Officials, under the supervision of Anakapalli RDO B. Padmavathi and Special Deputy Collector Sattibabu, alerted 186 families in the coastal village

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