1. In an exclusive opinion piece in The Hindu today, chairperson of the Congress Parliamentary Party Sonia Gandhi writes on the war in Gaza that has put “humanity on trial”. “There can be no peace without justice… Peace will come only if the world, led by countries that have the ability to influence policies and events, can restart the process of restoring the two-state vision and make it a reality,” she writes.
  2. We also had former Vice President Hamid Ansari write for us on ‘The voice of Gaza under occupation’.
  3. Here, Stanly Johny profiles Hezbollah, the party of God, Lebanon’s powerful Shia militant group that had fought the Israelis in the past and has declared support for Hamas’s ‘right to resist’ the occupation of the Palestinian territories.
  4. Is India really ready to host the Olympics? Experts Manisha Malhotra and Norris Pritam discuss the question in a conversation with Uthra Ganesan.
  5. Who is Mike Johnson? Narayan Lakshman writes on the new House Speaker, elected by the U.S. House of Representatives, after more than three weeks of a leadership crisis in the chamber.