• Rohit Sankar

    ... is a cricket enthusiast striving to convey the finer details of the game in a capsule. He hopes to present a bird's eye view of the game, as he sees it, to the readers. PS: He is smitten by the likes of ABD but crushes on pace bowlers who can make the ball talk.


The irrepressible Jofra Archer, who returned a maiden five-for in Tests at Headingley, is part of a fearsome strain of modern-day fast-bowlers. | Reuters
MS Dhoni, the finisher-turned–sheet anchor, stays in the present. We too should value him as what he is at present.
India’s T20 team is sitting pretty at the moment on the shoulders of its bowlers. | AFP
Isn’t this the face you make when you pour your heart out in a WhatsApp message, see two blue ticks appear, and then... radio silence?
You learn non-attachment when your heroes decline. | Getty Images