• George Netto

    ... is a Munnar-based freelance writer with an abiding interest in wildlife and environment conservation.

The leopard is a night-time hunter that relies on its spots, called rosettes, to provide it camouflage in the jungle foliage. | Special Arrangement
The devoted care and concern that a mother figure offers a person through their life can be reciprocated only by a grateful and graceful acknowledgement of her selfless love.
The best way to defeat the coronavirus is with a united front. But till we do, laughter is our best medicine, and we should let Mr. Netto leave us in splits!
Even before the coronavirus showed us that a handshake could lead to a knotty health situation, the greeting has been a naughty slap on many an unsuspecting victim’s face.
Not every crying baby is a crybaby. Not every tear-jerker is a jerk who brings you to tears. Only some.
The Indian grey mongoose is the most common species of mongoose found in our forests, open fields and around human settlements and, contrary to popular belief, is not a rodent.
The Nilgiri tahr is found in its largest viable population in the Eravikulam National Park, one the last and safest refuges of the highly-endangered mountain goat.
The black-napped hare can freeze as well as kick up dust at 80 kmph when it senses danger from predators or hunters. | Wikipedia
While thankfully today one does not see so many sloth bears being debased as performance animals, it continues to be poached for its body parts — in particular, its gall bladder, which is often used in traditional medicine.