• Vyasa Shastry

    ... aspires to be a polymath in the future. He is fascinated with the confluence of science, technology and society. He also has a long-cherished dream of writing popular science one day.

Without a critical mass of quality players, a good league competition, and a consistent effort to promote the game at the grassroots, Indian football will not be able to move on from the 'rankings' artefact. | Vijay Soneji
The IISc has certainly improved its overall ranking, but there is need to qualify the upward movement with respect to various subjective parameters. | Wikimedia Commons
Good service is an integral part of fine dining. | M. Vedhan
Hand-holding scholars during the early stages of their research life is crucial.
Cash stocks have to be replenished on a massive scale with an ATM per 5,500 people. | Reuters