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Miss the portable TV?

The small portable TV has lost its space in the competition with modern-day television. | Photo Credit: Getty Images
Balasubramaniam Pavani 28 November 2021 00:21 IST
Updated: 27 November 2021 17:38 IST

In these days of LEDs, the tiny set has lost space in the corner

Changes are inevitable and one has to embrace them, for it is the way forward. Changes often remind us of the old, while making us accept the new.

Television has made giant strides in its appearance and has always been in the forefront of adoption of new technologies. I remember the days of black-and-white television, a valuable asset in every home. It had a wooden cabinet which could be closed and locked after the day’s programme. Then came the blue glass which would be fitted to the set for a cool viewing.

The next to follow was the colour television, which left households delighted. LCD and LED sets and now OLEDs followed.


From a small device in the past, television is growing bigger and bigger. Viewing is sheer pleasure with advanced technologies.

The facilities available in a modern-day television is mind-blowing. The theatrical experience, the smooth-flowing pictures, and the digitised sound system were unimaginable in the past.

In between, the small portable TV has lost its space in the competition. These sets could settle down comfortably even in a shelf, occupying very little space. They had great clarity and were extensively used in small shops and salons. It would provide the much-needed entertainment for shopkeepers who spent most part of the day in their shops. The portable TV used to be an additional one used in bedrooms of many households.

Then, small suddenly became no more beautiful.

Though small LED and LCD sets, mostly wall mounted, replaced them, the portable sets are being missed. At times, I used to wonder whether it was a TV set or a computer monitor, for the smaller ones used to look identical.

With OTT making a strong impact in the days of pandemic, the need for Internet television is on the rise for it brings latest entertainment home. Did we ever imagine that new films could be seen in the comfort of home?

How things change and change so rapidly. It is a constant innovation market where old is scrap. It is inevitable and needs to be accepted.