Two-phase polls in 176 GPs in Raichur district

Staff Reporter YADGIR 05 December 2020 02:10 IST
Updated: 05 December 2020 02:10 IST

Election for 176 gram panchayats in Raichur district are going to be scheduled in two phases, Deputy Commissioner R. Venkatesh Kumar has told The Hindu.

The district has a total of 179 GPs. But, two are facing election due to cases pending before the court and the term of one GP will end by 2021. Thus, 176 GPs are facing election, he said. The election for 96 GPs will be held in the first phase on December 22 and while for 80 GPs in the second phase on December 27. Raichur with 34 GPs, 31 GPs in Deodurga taluk, 17 in Manvi taluk and 14 in Sirwar taluk will face elections in the first phase.

Lingsagur taluk with 29 GPs followed by 30 GPs in Sindhanur taluk and 21 GPs in Maski taluk will face elections in the second phase, Mr. Kumar said.