Price hike: DC warns of criminal action

C.B. Vedamurthy, Superintendent of Police, issuing passes to newspaper boys in Raichur on Wednsday.
Staff Reporter RAICHUR 02 April 2020 00:12 IST
Updated: 02 April 2020 00:12 IST

Deputy Commissioner R. Venkatesh Kumar has warned of criminal action against the owners of essential commodities shops if any complaints arose of them selling materials at higher prices. He was addressing at a meeting in Raichur on Wednesday.

Mr. Kumar said, “I have already instructed officials to take criminal action against such traders.” There will be restriction at the border points for the trucks carrying stationery to the district. But, they should maintain the social distance, he added.

C.B. Vedamurthy, Superintendent of Police, Durugesh, Additional Deputy Commissioner and others were present.


On attending requests by the news paper agents and distributors, Dr. Vedamurthy issued passes for boys who distribute newspapers daily. He advised them to maintain cleanliness and use gloves and face masks while on duty.

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