Solar rail section between Nandyal-Yerraguntla

The solar panels at Sanjamala station. | Photo Credit: The Hindu
Special Correspondent HYDERABAD 07 January 2020 20:26 IST
Updated: 08 January 2020 07:35 IST

First time all stations in a stretch provided with solar panels

South Central Railway (SCR)’s Nandyal – Yerraguntla section in Guntakal Division became the first ‘solar section’ where all the stations on the section have been provided with solar panels at a stretch to tap the renewable energy.

It is a relatively new line for the Indian Railways and has been opened for passenger traffic in 2016 only to bring the hinterland areas into rail map by providing rail connectivity to Yerraguntla on Guntakal-Renigunta main-line with Nandyal on Dhone-Guntur main-line.

While solar panels have been installed at the stations, service buildings, level crossing gates etc., across the zone, the concept of all stations of a particular section being provided with solar panels at one stretch to tap the natural energy is a first such initiative. Besides, meeting power needs of all the stations in the section but also save expenditure for the Railways, said Chief Public Relations Officer Ch. Rakesh.


All the eight stations in the section — Madduru, Banaganapalle, Koilakuntla, Sanjamala, Nossam, S. Uppalapadu, Jammalamadugu and Proddutur —have been provided with solar panels capable of meeting the power needs at these railway stations.

About 148 KWh energy units can be generated throughout the year resulting in generation of 54,020 power units. The expected savings in terms of revenue is around ₹5 lakh per annum and carbon footprint reduction of 49 metric tonnes per annum as contribution towards green environs.

To make use of solar power, 37 kWp off grid roof top solar plants along with 250/125 Wp solar panels were installed in each station. In addition, inverters and 12V 150 AH battery banks were also installed at all these stations. In total the connected load on solar plants is on an average 30 kWp and 152 solar panels were installed with an an average exploring of eight sunny hours per day.

General Manager Gajanan Mallya patted the efforts of the Guntakal division to overcome the power fluctuations and problems by tapping natural energy resource. “They also have given us a better solution to the power needs of the entire section,” he added.