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Snakebite awareness day observed in Vellore

Special Correspondent VELLORE 19 September 2021 00:57 IST
Updated: 19 September 2021 00:57 IST

‘Hundreds die without timely treatment’

The clinical toxicology unit and poisons information centre of the department of medicine unit-1, Christian Medical College, Vellore, organised a webinar to mark the fourth international snakebite awareness day on Saturday.

Professor S.P. Kalantri, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram, Maharashtra, said the importance of spreading awareness on snakebite prevention practices, especially in rural areas, remained key in saving hundreds of lives that were being lost due to snakebites every year. In many villages, access to better and timely treatment for snakebites still remained a challenge with snakebite victims having to travel long distances to get treated. Such treatment facilities should be available in primary healthcare centres especially in villages, he said.

As part of the awareness day, CMC organised several activities, including educational programmes for schoolchildren on snake biology, a poster competition for school, paramedical and medical students on snake conservation and the annual snakebite survivors’ meet that was aimed to improve knowledge on snakebite prevention and appropriate first-aid care among communities in and around Vellore district.

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