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Another COVID testing laboratory will be set up in Tekkali, says Collector

District Collector Shrikesh B Lathkar interacting with doctors and technical staff at RIMS COVID- 19 laboratory in Srikakulam.
Staff ReporterJanuary 23, 2022 18:50 IST
Updated: January 24, 2022 07:33 IST

‘It will be beneficial to people living in Uddhanam region and other remote areas’

With the significant jump in the number of COVID-19 cases, Srikakulam district administration has decided to set up another testing facility in Tekkali to provide test reports quickly. Earlier, the number of cases used to be around 300 to 400. But it has gone up to 1,250 per day in the district. Around 3,000 samples are being collected per day from patients but people in far-off places like Itchapuram and Palasa, are struggling to reach Srikakulam due to lack of frequent transport facility.

District Collector Shrikesh B. Lathkar directed the officials to establish one laboratory in Tekkali as the existing one at RIMS-Srikakulam was unable to process all the samples collected from patients showing COVID symptoms.

“As many as 60 patients were tested for Omicron, a new variant of COVID, in the last one month. That is why, we are giving utmost priority to prevent the spread of the disease. The test reports will come within 12 hours with the establishment of laboratory at Tekkali. It will be beneficial to many people living in Uddhanam region and other remote areas,” said Mr. Shrikesh.


He directed ITDA-Sithampet Project Director Navya to send the samples quickly to laboratories from tribal areas so that the patients would be given test results quickly. He asked the officials to create awareness among people to be in home isolation till the test results were informed to them.

“The people should maintain safety protocol strictly since the new variant is spreading very fast. Although it is not dangerous, it disturbs health completely. Many people with other diseases will face more complications if proper care is not taken,” said Mr. Shrikesh.

According to officials, 1,26,150 positive cases were reported in the last two years. Currently, 4,127 patients have been suffering from COVID and among them 120 were admitted to hospitals for treatment.

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