Oppn. lashes out at South Delhi civic body over ‘unsafe’ fogging machines

Staff Reporter New Delhi 28 October 2021 01:32 IST
Updated: 28 October 2021 01:32 IST

Pandemonium prevailed at the South Delhi Municipal Corporation’s (SDMC) monthly meeting on Wednesday after Congress councillor Abhishek Dutt alleged that Mayor Mukesh Suryan was “not allowing” discussions on contractual field workers (CFWs) and the “unsafe” fogging machines supplied to them by the civic body.

“These are the fogging machines used by the CFWs every day and I wanted to hold a discussion on how these machines were completely unsafe. The CFWs are inhaling kerosene emitted from these machines which burn hot and weigh up to 15 kg,” Mr. Dutt said.


While the CFWs of the SDMC, he said, earn ₹12,000 a month, those employed by the North Delhi corporation get ₹21,000. “Why is there such a big gap in pay?”

Furthermore, Mr. Dutt attempted to bring a fogging machine to the session in order to “showcase the safety issues” but was prevented by security officials.

The House was later adjourned due to the ruckus.

Standing committee chairman B.K. Oberoi said that one is always welcome to express the issue but the item is not required to be brought into the House. “It was unnecessary. The Congress is trying to revive its position but this is not the way. The decorum of the House must be maintained,” he said.

AAP registers protest

Opposition leaders from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) registered a protest alleging “misbehaviour” with the deputy commissioner of west zone, Rahul Singh, during a ward inspection visit in Vikas Puri on October 26.

Employees of west zone, in a statement, alleged that Sunil Jindal, husband of BJP councillor Sarita Jindal, was “responsible” for the “scuffle” and “misbehaviour” and that the incident was “pre-planned”.

AAP leaders demanded an inquiry into the matter.

Responding to the allegations, Mr. Oberoi termed the incident a “minor argument” and said that he will discuss the matter with both parties.