AAP govt. looking for students to play role of ‘wetland mitras’

Staff Reporter New Delhi 10 January 2021 00:30 IST
Updated: 10 January 2021 00:30 IST

They will take part in conservation of wetlands

The Delhi government is looking for schoolchildren aged above 12, and others for the role of “wetland mitras” for local-level participation for conservation of wetlands and creating awareness about the same.

A person selected by the government can work for two years and will get a certificate from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government.

The Delhi government has issued a notice inviting interested people to apply to be “wetland mitras”. “Wetlands play an important role in groundwater recharging, biodiversity, climate change and flood control. They are critical habitat for domestic and migratory birds. They fulfill livelihood needs of nearby residents too. But due to regular anthropogenic activities and misuse they are in a stage of degradation,” the notice stated.


After Prime Minister Narendra Modi came back to power in 2019, he announced a 100-day agenda and in connection with this, the Union Environment Ministry had sent a letter to all States to identify wetlands in the States.

In the letter, it was mentioned that the World Wildlife Fund had floated the idea of assigning “wetland mitras” to increase public participation in conservation.

“This was just a suggestion, but it was implemented in Kerala and we adopted the Kerala model. We get many complaints from people regarding air pollution, but we do not get anything on wetlands. The idea is to increase public participation on wetlands,” said K.S Jayachandran, Member Secretary of the Delhi Pollution Control Committee.

“Any individual who can provide their time and services for the protection, management and beautification of their nearby wetland/s can apply to become wetland mitras,” the notice read.

Interested students and others should visit the website of Delhi Parks and Gardens Society.

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