This Diwali, adorn your home with these interesting patterns using marigold flowers

October 21, 2022 07:42 pm | Updated 07:42 pm IST

Diwali is a celebration of light and joy. It’s that time of year when most of us adorn our houses with flowers, lights, entryway rangolis, candles, and diyas.

Among other decoratives, the marigold flower, also known as the herb of the sun, is believed to be the flower of joy and happiness. The scent of the marigold flower also dispels stress and promotes positivity and happiness.

We’ve compiled a collection of the prettiest patterns for decorating your home with marigold blooms for Diwali:

1)   Themes for Photobooths


❖   To add to the beauty and utter fun of your Diwali decorations, you may create photo booths out of marigolds and host photo sessions with your family and friends.

❖   Photobooth Themes

  • Marigold Rickshaw Frame
  • Marigold Van ( Vanity decorated with Marigold)
  • Marigold Goggles Frame
  • Cycles and Mirrors covered with Marigold
  • Marigold flowers are displayed in various pot arrangements.

2)   Marigold Curtain: 

❖   String marigold flowers together to make a curtain for your front door this Diwali; it will brighten your celebration.

❖   Furthermore, you can create numerous flower petal patterns with marigold flowers to adorn your entrance door.

❖     Different Marigold curtain styles:

  • You can hang marigold blooms on a backdrop of banana leaves.
  • Using flowers, write ‘Diwali’ on a background of different shades of marigold flowers.
  • You may experiment with different designs of marigold flowers strung together and put on an artificial grass background.
  • Making Lord Ganesh’s design with marigold flowers and hanging marigold flowers in the background looks amazing.

3) Marigold Flowers with Ashoka Lea

❖   Given that Lord Kamadev, the god of love is associated with the Ashoka tree, Ashoka leaves are believed to foster love and harmony

❖   The Ashoka tree is also believed to aid in boosting both physical and mental vitality.

❖   Hang the marigold and Ashoka’s leaf in pairs to bring love, mental vigour, and physical energy into your home.

4) Marigold with Torans 

❖   On the occasion of Diwali, you can also hang Torans with Marigold as it is believed that mango leaf Toran along with Marigold flowers.

❖   Marigold flowers and Torans are believed to be the centre of interest at the entrance gates, bringing prosperity and fortune since they are related to the Goddess Laxmi and inviting the Goddess Laxmi to your homes.

❖   Torans can be hung in the following

  • Marigold and Toran (Flower Toran)
  • You can hang Marigold and Toran with different patterns of beads
  • Thread Torans with Marigold flowers
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