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Russia celebrated victory day on May 9 this year While this is an annual event, this year’s celebrations had the entire world watching. President Vladimir Putin in his 11-minute victory day speech justified the attack on Ukraine calling it a move to protect Russia.

Russia celebrates Victory Day to commemorate Soviet Union’s victory over Germany’s Nazi forces in World War II.

It was first celebrated on May 9, 1945.

The occasion was not always celebrated in a grand manner. President Putin is often credited with elevating the scale of the event to its present form.

The Russian military now holds a parade at Moscow’s Red Square and in other cities to mark Victory Day. It is used as an occasion to display its heavy artillery. An elaborate ceremony also takes place at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a memorial in Moscow dedicated to Soviet soldiers who died during the war.

Over eight million Russian soldiers are estimated to have died in that period. Citizens of the country march through the streets, holding photographs of their ancestors who died in the war.

This year, reports emerged that Russia will either intensify the attack on Ukraine and launch a full-blown war or wrap up the ongoing conflict to mark Victory day. World leaders and defence experts were expecting President Putin to throw light on his plans for Ukraine in his speech. But he offered no assessment of progress in the war and gave no indication of how long it might continue.

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