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Woman militant hurls grenade, one civilian killed

Srinagar: In the first such incident in Jammu and Kashmir, a woman militant on Thursday hurled a grenade at CRPF personnel manning a post in downtown Srinagar, killing a civilian and wounding another.

The militant, travelling in a car, tossed a hand grenade towards CRPF personnel posted at Sarafkadal Chowk in downtown Srinagar around 4.30 p.m., CRPF spokesman Dalip Singh Ambesh told PTI. He said the grenade exploded near the picket, killing a civilian and injuring a woman passer-by. The militant fled the scene. This is the first time since the eruption of militancy in the State that an unidentified woman has been accused of attacking troops.

Earlier this year, a woman was blown to pieces when an explosive she was allegedly carrying exploded prematurely at Pampore.

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