Vidya records win

Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: They are all here. The current National champion Vidya Pillai of Tamil Nadu and the former champions Heena Khandelwal of Maharashtra and Pooja Galundia of Rajasthan. But the initial league phase of the MCC invitation women's snooker tournament did not produce any sparks as the results were on expected lines at the MCC premises here on Monday.

With a break of 55, Vidya beat Renu Barkhatiya of Madhya Pradesh 44-38, 34-43, 86(55)-12, 65-19, becoming the frontrunner in Group A.

Heena and Ashwini were stretched a bit before they won their encounters. Kamala Chandra Babu (TN) suffered two consecutive defeatsThe results: Group A: Vidya Pillai (TN) beat Renu Barkhatiya (MP) 44-38, 34-43, 86-12, 65-19. Group B: Ashwini Puranik (MP) beat Sri Devi (Kar) 65-44, 31-41, 42-32, 48-9. Group C: Chitra Magimairaj (Kar) beat Kamala Chandra Babu (TN) 54-16, 71-9, 51-41; Uma Devi (Kar) beat Kamala Chandra Babu (TN) 66-16, 72-51, 62-50. Group D: Heena Khandelwal (Mah) beat Sangeetha Hemchand (Mah) 62-51, 33-50, 40-13, 59-36; Sangeetha Hemchand (Mah) beat Neena Praveen (TN) 37-47, 54-51, 69-38, 51-42.

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