Star Strike shines

MUMBAI: Star Strike and Samarinda shone when the horses were exercised here this morning.

Outer sand

800m: Parwaaz (rb), Same Game (rb) 55, 600/41. They ended level. Leureus (rb) 57, 600/41.5. Easy.

1,000m: Ruby Royal (rb), Reims (rb) 1-8.5, 600/41. They moved level freely. Star Strike (M. Narredu), Zephyrella (Rathore) 1-2.5, 800/49.5, 600/37.5. Former strode out well and finished six lengths ahead. Antartic Zone (Shelar) 1-2.5, 600/36. Pushed.

1,200m: Park Lane (K. Prasad) 1-23, 100/1-7.5, 600/40. Moved well.

1,400m: Samarinda (rb), Moonlight Fantasy (rb) 1-33, 1200/1-18, 600/38. Former finished a distance ahead.

Training track

600m: Samarkhand (Kharadi) 38.5. Pushed.

800m: Ponte Grande (rb), Southern Command (Belose) 53, 600/41. Former finished four lengths ahead.

1,000m: Perpetuate (C. Rajendra), Cincinnati (M. Narredu) 1-9, 800/54, 600/40.5. Former impressed. Henriette (Walkar) 1-8, 600/41. Stretched.

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