Semifinalists spotted

NEW DELHI NOV. 10. The team event in the PHD-GPI bridge tournament entered its penultimate phase when the field was reduced to four from the original 70 teams.

The four teams that qualified for the semifinals are Well Knit (Chennai), Formidables (Delhi), C. V. Rao (Vizag) and Lawrence Club (Kolkata).

Earlier at the end of qualifying Swiss league matches, the following eight teams in the order of merit qualified for the quarterfinals — Bimal's Kolkata (195), Pankaj Mehta Moradabad (191), Well Knit (191), C. V. Rao (182), Aligarh Blues (181), Agsar Chennai (180), Formidables (177) and Lawrence Club (175).

Of the eight teams, the following four teams - Bimal's, Pankaj Mehta, Aligarh Blues and Agsar — tested defeat in the quarterfinal knockout matches.

While Bimal's was defeated by Lawrence Club by 19 imp (56-37), Pankaj Mehta was eliminated by Formidables (13-63).

While C. V. Rao knocked out Aligarh Blues with a huge margin of 90 imp (118-28). Well Knit defeated Agsar 72-52.also from Chennai.

The line-up in the semifinals will be: Well Knit Vs Formidables and C. V. Rao Vs Lawrence Club.

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