Second gold for Sai Krishna

HYDERABAD NOV. 24. Punjab Police and Railways bagged the team titles in the men's and women's sections respectively in the 56th senior, 31st junior and 19th sub-junior National track cycling championships which concluded at the velodrome in Osmania University campus here on Sunday.

The closing day was a good one for the host State since it bagged two more gold. Ch. Sai Krishna, who had clinched a gold in the points race earlier, went on to take his second gold of the meet when he won the three kilometre individual pursuit for boys under-18. He clocked 3m59.30s to comfortably defeat O. Bikram Singh of Manipur, who timed 4m9.26s. Sai Krishna has emerged as one of the best prospects for the State. Another AP lad Chandrakant Raidu took the bronze with a time of 4m10.93s.

The second gold for AP came from V. Ishwarya, a student of Alphores Junior College in Karimnagar, who won the girls under-16 two km individual pursuit. She had won a bronze in the road Nationals at Belgaum earlier this year in the five kilometre individual time trial but this was her first gold at a National level meet and the young lass was clearly thrilled about her feat.

Sandeep Kumar Malik of Services won the gruelling 30-km points race for men. It was a tough 90-lap race, however, the 24-year-old Air Force sergeant had planned out his strategy and raced accordingly.

Sandeep, who is an experienced international, has won two gold in the SAARC cycling championships earlier and also had a gold in the last Nationals at Bikaner.

The results: Men: 30km points race: 1. Sandeep Kumar Malik (SSCB) 56 pts; 2. Kamal Kiradu (Raj) 45; 3. Nijappa Yeneth (SSCB) 37. 4km individual pursuit: 1. Saravjit Singh (Punjab Police) 5m7.73s; 2. Sandeep Kumar Malik (SSCB); 3. Zorawar Singh (SSCB). 1km sprint: 1. K. Indra Kumar (RSPB) 12.33s, 2. K.H. Probin Ungh (RSPB); 3. Prabhjit Singh (Punjab Police).

Boys: Under-18: 3km individual pursuit: 1. Ch. Sai Krishna (AP) 3m59.30s; 2. O. Bikram Singh (Manipur); 3. Chandrakanth Raidu (AP). 1km sprint: 1. K. Sonam Singh (Manipur) 12.80s; 2. Sweden Alexander (Andamans); 3. R.L. Manoj (Kerala).

Under-16: 2km individual pursuit: 1. Rajendra Bishnoi (Raj) 2m44.62s; 2. Dayalal Ram Jat (Raj); 3. M. Santosh Kumar (AP).

Women: 3km individual pursuit: 1. O.Bina Kumari Devi (RSPB) 4m 23.19 secs; 2. Premlata V. Sureban (RSPB) ; 3. Sonali Patil (Mah). 1km sprint: 1. V. Rajni (Kerala) 13.68s; 2. R. Sandhya (Kerala); 3. Cecily (Andamans).

Girls: Under-18: 2km individual pursuit: 1. H. Dinita Devi (Manipur) 3m4.67s; 2. Rajashjree Kadam (Mah); 3. Pratima Lonari (Mah).

Under-16: 2km individual pursuit: 1. V. Ishwarya (AP) 3m10.63s; 2. Saritha (Kerala); 3. Y. Sunita (Manipur).

Team championships: Men: Punjab Police (31 pts); 2. Railways (24 pts); 3. Services (12 pts). Boys: udner-18: 1. Manipur (31 pts); 2. Andhra Pradesh (19 pts); 3. Punjab (8 pts). Under-16: 1. Punjab (29 pts); 2. Rajasthan (20 pts); 3. Andamans (8 pts). Under-14: 1. Punjab (13 pts); 2. Karnataka (6 pts); 3. Manipur (4 pts).

Women: Railways (35 pts); 2. Kerala (25 pts); 3. Andamans (6 pts). Girls: Under-18: 1. Maharashtra (15 pts); 2. Punjab (10 pts); 3. Kerala (8 pts). Under-16: 1. Manipur (11 pts); 2. Kerala (7 pts); 3. Andhra Pradesh (5 pts). Under-14: 1. Maharashtra (14 pts); 2. Kerala (8 pts); 3. Tamil Nadu (3 pts).