Sai Krishna, Sahajasri triumph

Arvind Aaron

CHENNAI: Sai Krishna of Vijayawada and Sahajasri of Karimnagar claimed their maiden national titles making the under-9 event an Andhra sweep. Both will represent India in the World Under-10 Championship to be held at Russia in 2006.

Both champions were keen to draw their games and played without risk. Sai Krishna offered a draw as early as the third move itself. But after 29 exciting moves Utkal Ranjan Sahoo of Orissa accepted to the draw with the white pieces. Sai Krishna who held a half point lead at the start of the round, required a draw for the title and got it to reach nine points.

Later, Eswar joined Sai Krishna at the top by accepting a bishop sacrifice from Girish and defending to win a 57-move game. However, with lower progressive score, Eswar was placed second.

In the girls section too, Sahajasri was keen on making a draw although she was only the overnight joint leader. She was lucky that Srinidhi Nagarajan of Salem, Tamil Nadu only made a draw. Sahajasri made a spectacular piece sacrifice for two pawns and attack with the black pieces against Soumya Srivastava but offered a draw and got it in 20 moves.

Sahajsri knew that she had the higher tie-break if it came to that and willingly took the risk with a draw. She is trained by Srinivas and A.Kumar and wants to become a woman grand master. She has also competed in Yoga Nationals. She won this title with a better tie-break count after figuring in a four-way tie for the first place with eight points. Cash prizes totalling Rs.52,000 was distributed in the closing ceremony.

Top results (round 11):

Boys: Utkal (Ori) 8.5 drew Sai Krishna (AP) 9, Eswar (AP) 9 bt Girish (Kar) 8, Kausik (TN) 7.5 lost to Abhilash (AP) 8.5, Ganesh (TN) 7.5 lost to Srinath Rao (Cha) 8.5, Ravi Teja (AP) 7 lost to Deepthamsh (AP) 8, Sahil (MP) 8 bt Sayantan (WB) 7, Shiven (Mah) 8 bt Vigram (Kar) 7, Vishnu (Ker) 8 bt (w/o) Pani Bhushan (AP) 6.5.

Girls: Nisha (Kar) 7.5 drew Srinidhi N (TN) 8, Soumya (Mah) 7.5 drew Sahajasri (AP) 8, Sahari (AP) 7 lost to Pratyusha (AP) 8, Navya (AP) 7 lost to Sweety (Guj) 8, Deepika (AP) 7 drew Gomini (AP) 7, Aiswarya (AP) 7.5 bt Mayuri (Mah) 6.5.

Final placings:

Boys: 1 G.V.Sai Krishna (AP) 9/11, 2 R.Eswar (AP) 9, 3 Utkal Ranjan (Ori) 8.5, 4 Srinath Rao (Cha) 8.5, 5 Abhilash Reddy (AP) 8.5, 6 Girish Koushik (Kar) 8, 7 Shiven Khosla (Mah) 8, 8 Deepthamsh Reddy (AP) 8, 9 Vishnu Gopakumar (Ker) 8, 10 Sahil Nanda (MP) 8.

Girls: 1 Ch. Sahajasri (AP) 8/11, 2 Sweety Patel (Guj) 8, 3 Srinidhi Nagarajan (TN) 8, 4 B.Pratyusha (AP) 8, 5 Soumya Srivastava (Mah) 7.5, 6 Nisha Patkar (Kar) 7.5, 7 G.Aiswarya (AP) 7.5, 8 J.Sahari (AP) 7, 9 G. Uma Bharathi (TN) 7, 10 Gomini Shreya (AP) 7.

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