Run For Roses appeals most

HYDERABAD, AUG. 15. Run For Roses appeals most among the seven runners for the Independence Cup (1,400m), the main event of the races here today.

False rails (width about 4mts from 1,400m to 450m) will be in position.

1 1-45 Mirza Ghalib Plate

1,400m, Cat. II, 3/y/o & over (Terms)

141*0Blue Falcon (Shamsuddin) B.V. Krishnan4 62.5
220*0Gracious Bay (Netto) Joseph5 53.5
33*23Maid Of The Mist (Deshmukh)
A. Imran Khan6 53.5
412*1Bhangra Knight (Rafaat) Suraj Narredu2 52.0
530*2Royal Hawk (Raju) D. Singh3 52.0
612*2Tallahassee (L. D'Silva) Christopher1 52.0

BLUE FALCON: Impressed in the morning trials. MAID OF THE MIST: Comes into consideration on her third to Ocean Blue's 1,200m. BHANGRA KNIGHT: A runaway winner in the lower category (1,200m); should repeat.

1. Bhangra Knight, 2. Blue Falcon

2 2-15 Moulana Azad Plate

1,600m, Cat. II, 3/y/o only, rated upto 75

14*43Rock Breaker (Prasad) N. Rawal4 60.0
23*01Suryarath (Prasad) B. Shinde1 59.5
300*1State City (Vatsalya) Ruzaan2 58.0
414*1Santana Row (L. D'Silva) Christopher5 57.5
5320Here Comes The Sun (Rafaat)
Suraj Narredu3 55.0

ROCK BREAKER: On the board in both his outings; may go close. STATE CITY: A comfortable winner over 1,400m; retains form. HERE COMES THE SUN: Well prepared at Bangalore.

1. Here Comes The Sun, 2. State City

3 2-45 Red Chieftan Cup (D. I)

1,200m, Cat. III, 4/y/o & over, rated upto 50

13*40Cannon Ray (Raju) Suresh1 60.0
20*00Petrushka (Satheesh) Kariappa12 60.0
340*4Skara (Faisal) Shoban Babu13 59.5
400*0Ne Tlus Ultra (Deshmukh) Nishanth4 59.0
514*0Corposant (Srinivas) B.V. Krishnan9 57.5
6000Dancing Butterfly (Raju) M.F. Alikhan6 56.0
7000Act Of Faith (Prasad) G.B. Khade11 53.0
82*01Light Cannon (Habibullah) Abhinay8 52.5
9— Highway Man (Prasad) B. Shinde10 51.5
1000*0Way Of Living (Satheesh) Ross2 51.5
1123*0Bulbasaur (L. D'Silva) Uday Kiran7 50.0
1221*0Racing Is Fun (Shamsuddin) B. Shanker3 49.5
130*00Bukhara (Srinivas) A. Ramana5 48.0

CANNON RAY: Has come down a class: SKARA: A fair fourth to Fashion For Ever (1,200m); will have a bold show. NE TLUS ULTRA: Second run after being gelded; may run a decent race. LIGHT CANNON: Won comfortably in the lower category; retains form. WAY OF LIVING: Well in at the weights.

1. Ne Tlus Ultra, 2. Skara, 3. Cannon Ray

4 3-15 City Girl Plate

1,100m, Cat. IV, 4/y/o & over, rated upto 25

14*20Wise Prince (Faiyaz) Deep Shanker5 60.0
200*0Gran Canaria (Sk. Kassam) A. Joshi4 59.5
332*0Math Mario (Shamsuddin) Sk. Sharookh7 59.5
40*42Ballistic (Netto) Sequeira9 58.0
5000Sincerity (Rafaat) Chary2 57.5
6000Win Amante (Netto) Anil11 57.0
70*00Make Way (Raju) Sreekant8 56.5
800*4Adroit (Prasad) Kannan1 56.0
904*0Triveni Sangam (Srinivas) B.V. Krishnan6 56.0
10000Super Star (Srinivas) Pavan Kumar10 55.0
110*00Romanesque (Faisal) B. Shinde3 53.5

WISE PRINCE: Working well. MATH MARIO: Speedy, may try start to finish tactics. BALLISTIC: Seen finishing on well in Light Cannon's 1,200m; can make a race of it. ADROIT: Looks fit for the fray.

1. Ballistic, 2. Math Mario, 3. Wise Prince

5 3-45 Red Chieftan Cup (D. II)

1,200m, Cat. III, 4/y/o & over, rated up to 50

100*1Fashion For Ever (Srinagesh) Ritesh9 60.0
24*00Royal Hollo Way (Sk. Kassam) Laxman13 60.0
300*3Cheslind (Deshmukh) A. Imran Khan8 59.0
402*0Sammurai (Shamsuddin) Sk. Farokh4 58.0
50*00Artistic Way (Prasad) G.B. Khade7 56.5
631*0Royal Franchise (Satheesh) Gallagher10 56.0
723*0Royal Grey (Raju) D. Singh11 54.0
83*00Grey Mirage (Raju) Suresh12 51.5
90*00Heavenly Blossom (Srinivas) Lakshmi Kant1 51.5
100*00Falcons Pride (L. D'Silva) Uday Kiran5 50.5
11*0Silver Pride (Prasad) Kannan3 49.5
121*00The Governor (Srinivas) Pavan Kumar6 49.5
130*00Flawless (Satheesh) Qazafi2 48.0

FASHION FOR EVER: A gutsy winner over 1,200m; maintains form. CHESLIND: Improved since her third to Fire Brigade (1,200m). SAMMURAI: A game sixth to Irish Nip (1,400m); keep an eye. ROYAL FRANCHISE: Has had a run; will have a bold show.

1. Royal Franchise, 2. Fashion For Ever, 3. Cheslind

6 4-15 Independence Cup

1,400m, Cat. I, 3/y/o & over (Terms)

130*4Artistic Tribute (Prasad) B. Shinde5 62.0
2000Space Time (Rafaat) Suraj Narredu4 62.0
3021Henceforth (Satheesh) Gallagher3 59.0
404*1Bombay Sapper (L. D'Silva) Rutherford2 57.0
50*04Bon Vivant (Vatsalya) Ruzaan6 55.0
6000Rolland Garros (Netto) Sequeira1 55.0
712*4Run For Roses (L. D'Silva) Christopher7 53.5

SPACE TIME: Ignore his Bangalore runs; capable of carrying the top weight to victory. HENCEFORTH: Good performer during winter; should be in the fighting line. BOMBAY SAPPER: Won well over 1,200m; retains form. RUN FOR ROSES: Improved since her fourth to Onnu Onnu Onnu (1,200m).

1. Run For Roses, 2. Space Time, 3. Henceforth

7 4-45 Democracy Plate

1,100m, Cat. II, Md. 3/y/o only (Terms)

1000Damanaka (Rafaat) Suraj Narredu7 56.0
20*0Easy Rider (Srinagesh) Ritesh2 56.0
3000Ekam Ekam Ekam (Netto) Sequeira1 56.0
440*0Pancho Pete (Prasad) N. Rawal3 56.0
500*0Time And Again (Habibullah) Ravi Shanker8 56.0
604Fort Collins (Srinivas) Kannan9 54.5
700*3Kirstie (Vatsalya) Ruzaan10 54.5
8— Rare Insight (Netto) Rutherford4 54.5
942*2River Angel (Satheesh) Gallagher5 54.5
1000*0Seattle Star (Vatsalya) Madhu Kumar6 54.5

DAMANAKA: Has stripped fitter after his two runs at Bangalore. EASY RIDER: Shaping well in the trials. EKAM EKAM EKAM: Should be benefited by his two Bangalore race gallops. RIVER ANGEL: A forward runner in Miami Gold's 1,200m; should be given another chance.

1. River Angel, 2. Damanaka, 3. Easy Rider

Day's best: Here Comes The Sun

Double: Bhangra Knight — River Angel

Jkt: 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7. Tr. (i): 2, 3 & 4; (ii): 5, 6 & 7. Tanala: All races.

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