Puravi shocks Saimeera

KOZHIKODE, AUG. 21. Saimeera Ravi's campaign in the 31st National women's `B' chess championship began on a wrong note as the fourth seed suffered a shock defeat at the hands of Puravi Singha at the Chess India Complex here on Saturday.

The top two seeds, Bhagyashree Thipsay and Y. Prathiba, won both their games, while the third seed, N. Vinuthna was held to a draw by Baisakshi Das.

Puravi, hoping to make a return to the National women's `A', won in 52 moves from the black side of a Ruy Lopez game, after going a pawn and piece up against Saimeera.

Vinuthna and Baisakhi signed the peace treaty after 52 moves of Sicilian Defence.

On the top board, Bhagyashree won her second round game defeating Bindu K. Saritha in 28 moves from a Dutch Defence. In the first round, she beat Devangi Patankar in 37 moves of Sicilian Dragon.

Important results (second round): Bindu K. Saritha (LIC) 1 lost to Bhagyashree Thipsay (IDBI) 2; Y. Prathiba (TN) 2 bt Priya (Bih) 1; Baisakhi Das (Jha) 1.5 drew with N. Vinuthna (AP) 1.5; Saimeera Ravi (BSB) 1 lost to Puravi Singha (Asm) 2; Pushpalata Mangal (BSB) 1 lost to Mary Ann Gomes (Ben) 2; Saheli Nath (Ben) 1.5 drew with C. Delphin (TN) 1.5; P.K. Jayashree (TN) 1 lost to Soumya Swaminathan (Mah) 2; P. Priya (TN) 1.5 drew with Supriya Majhi (Ben) 1.5; Saba Mhate (Mah) 1 lost to N. Sandhya (Ker) 2; Swati Mohota (Ben) 2 bt Parimita Ghosh (Ben) 1; H. Soumya (TN) 2 bt Nabeela Farheen (TN) 1; P. Sivasankari (TN) 2 bt E. Sheena (Ker) 1; R.K. Shruke (TN) 1 lost to J.E. Kavitha (TN) 2; L. Ishwarya Shobana (TN) 1.5 drew with P. Malar Selvi (TN) 1.5.

First round: Bhagyashree bt Devangi Patankar (Mah); P. Uthra (TN) lost to Prathiba; Vinuthna bt Shradha Mohan (Goa); J. Mohana Priya (TN) lost to Saimeera; Mary bt K. Keerthi Sheela (AP); Alpona Gogoi (Asm) lost to Saheli; Soumya bt Amisha Pable (MP); R. Aparna (Ker) lost to P. Priya; Sandhya bt Archana Singh (MP); Arpana Gogoi (Asm) lost to Swati.