Onnu Onnu Onnu for A.P. Governor's Cup

HYDERABAD, AUG. 22. Trainer D. Netto's ward Onnu Onnu Onnu should not find it difficult to score over his two rivals in the A.P. Governor's Cup, the main event of today's races here.

There will be no false rails.

1 1-45 Armagnac Plate

1,600m, Cat. II, 4/y/o & over (Terms)

1*013Suryarath (Prasad) B. Shinde2 55.0
2204Classical Song (L. D'Silva) Christopher1 52.0
CLASSICAL SONG: He may hoist a winning flag without benefit of a run.

Classical Song

2 2-15 Big Deal Plate

1,400m, Cat. III, 3/y/o & over, rated upto 50

1*000Inglewood (Yusuf Khan) Sequeira4 60.0
20*10Altagirl (Vatsalya) Madhu Kumar2 57.5
342*1Royal Ruby (Prasad) B. Shinde5 57.5
420*1Acanthus (L. D'Silva) Uday Kiran8 57.0
53*00Royal Grey (Raju) D. Singh3 53.0
6*000Grey Mirage (Raju) Suresh1 50.5
70*00Pleasure Way (Prasad) G. B. Khade7 50.0
8*004Hall Of Fame (Shamsuddin) Sk. Farokh6 47.0
ALTAGIRL: After winning a race finished fifth to Cannon Glow (1,200m); should run well. ROYAL RUBY: A comfortable winner over 1,600m; retains form. ACANTHUS: Won over 1,100m; may repeat. HALL OF FAME: A failed favourite in Nashville's 1,400m; at a tidy weight.

1. Royal Ruby, 2. Acanthus, 3. Hall Of Fame

3 2-45 Nelston Cup

1,800m, Cat. III, 5/y/o & over rated upto 50

100*1Mysterial (Hasan) Chauhan1 60.0
20*00Gold Of Honour (Habibullah) Ravinder12 59.0
30*00Hot Date (Vatsalya) MadhuKumar4 58.0
40*00Magical Legend (Faiyaz) H.Moses11 57.0
543*2First Crush (Netto) Joseph5 56.5
600*0Spirit Of Success (Deshmukh)
A.Imran Khan7 56.5
71*00Port Royal (Silvester) A.Joshi8 54.0
80*03Lady Penelope (Hassan) M.Krishna2 53.5
90*00I Am Special (Shamsuddin) Sk.Sharrokh10 53.0
10*004Heavenly Blossom (Srinivas) Lakshmi Kant3 52.0
110*30Green Sapphire (Silvester) Christopher6 51.0
12*443Magnetic Moment (Raju) Ali Khan9 50.5
MYSTERIAL: A facile winner over 1,600m; may repeat. GOLD OF HONOUR: Has had two runs; may spring a surprise. HOT DATE: Ignore her previous run; looks fit. FIRST CRUSH: Improved since her second to Mysterial over 1,600m. LADY PENELOPE: Working well. GREEN SAPPHIRE: Well in at the weights.

1. First Crush, 2. Green Sapphire, 3. Mysterial

4 3-15 Basalat Jah Memorial Cup

1,600m, Cat. I, 3/y/o & over

1214Timeline (L.D'Silva) H.Moses1 62.5
212*3Nordic Star (L.D'Silva) Christopher5 50.5
324*0Bar-At-Lawn (Laxman S) Ravinder4 49.0
4*040Bon Vivant (Vatsalya) MadhuKumar3 48.0
520*0Mohican Chief (Deshmukh) B.Shinde2 47.0
61*11Shakhtar (Rafaat) Ruzaan6 47.0
NORDIC STAR: Shaping well in the trials. BON VIVANT: Has had three race gallops; may go close. SHAKHTAR: Won two races in a row; may try for a hat-trick

1. Nordic Star, 2. Bon Vivant

5 3-45 Tick Tock Plate

1,200m, Cat. II, 5/y/o & over

141*0Native Glory (Satheesh) Gallagher14 60.0
220*0Indian Gift (Hassan) G. Sandeep8 57.5
30*00Sling Shot (Netto) Joseph15 56.5
400*4The Serow (Prasad) N. Rawal1 56.5
50*00Cannon Hope (Raju) Suresh7 56.0
600*0Belper (Raju) D. Singh10 55.5
700*0Broken Silence (Laxman S) Laxman4 55.0
80*00Al Jazeera (Srinagesh) Chauhan12 54.0
9000Bonzsingh (Rafaat) Ravinder11 53.5
100*00Royal Fantasy (Faiyaz) Sk. Sharookh9 53.0
111*00Simply Fabulous (Habibullah)
A. Imran Khan6 53.0
12*000Steal Away (Sk. Kassam) A. Joshi2 52.0
1300*0Riddhi (Netto) K. Anil3 51.0
1400*0Ferrari (Rafaat) Ch. K. Chary13 49.0
150*00Presidency (Srinivas) A. Ramana5 47.0
NATIVE GLORY: Has come down a class; may try start to finish tactics. INDIAN GIFT: Improved since his last run. THE SEROW: A fair fourth to Coming Along over 1,200m; has an each way chance. RIDDHI: Well in at the weights.

1. Native Glory, 2. Indian Gift, 3. The Serow

6 4-15 A.P. Governor's Cup

1,200m, 3/y/o & over, Terms

1221Coral Gables (L. D'Silva) Appu2 59.0
210*1Onnu Onnu Onnu (Netto) Rutherford3 55.0
32*03Athlone (Laxman S) Sequeira1 48.5
CORAL GABLES: Well prepared. ONNU ONNU ONNU: A comfortable winner over 1,200m; in fine nick.

Onnu Onnu Onnu

7 4-45 Excalibur's Star Plate

1,200m, Cat. III, Md. 3/y/o only, Terms

13*00Far Better (Satheesh) Gallagher3 56.0
20*00Fever Few (Srinagesh) Chauhan5 56.0
30*00Mombasa (Netto) Sequeira6 56.0
40*00Pancho Pete (Prasad) N. Rawal2 56.0
50*00Secret Champ (Shamsuddin) Sk. Sharookh4 56.0
620*0The Virginian (Srinivas) Pavan Kumar7 56.0
7Acala (Deshmukh) A. Imran Khan1 54.5
840*4Celestial Queen (Prasad) G. B. Khade9 54.5
9040Golden Shower (L. D'Silva) Ravinder8 54.5
100*30Kirstie (Vatsalya) Ruzaan10 54.5
FAR BETTER: Ignore his nowhere in Royal Ruby's 1,600m; fit for the fray. PANCHO PETE: Looks fit. THE VIRGINIAN: Speedy; may try pillar to post victory. KIRSTIE: A faraway fifth to River Angel's 1,100m; may upset.

1. Far Better, 2. The Virginian, 3. Pancho Pete

Day's best: Onnu Onnu Onnu

Double: Nordic Star — Native Glory

Jkt: 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7. Tr. (i): 1, 2 & 3; (ii): 4, 5 & 7.

Tanala: Will operate on all races where there are five or more starters.